About Tripp Braden

I'm committed to helping serving leaders grow.

Change is accelerating in many financial services markets. FinTech, an aging population and several hard trends are transforming the financial services and financial advisory markets today. Managing any business in the face of this change can be a challenge, without being able to adapt organizations will find themselves unable to sustain the growth rate they have enjoyed and will ultimately lose market share.


I am an IBM recognized Thought Leader and Sage Global Business Expert with an experienced background in all areas of executive coaching and organization growth and development. Clients hire me to accelerate growth in their practices today while helping them see and seize new opportunities moving forward. I have been successful in helping clients develop stronger partnerships with strategic centers of influences in their markets.


My network includes successful entrepreneurs and senior level executives who lead early stage organizations to Fortune 10 global organizations. These long-term relationships help accelerate pipeline development and reduce sales cycles for organizations of all sizes.


Financial advisors and advisory service leaders are becoming more entrepreneurial in how they build their teams and organizations. 


For many leaders, they will need to change their mindset from strictly revenue production to practice leader and entrepreneur. This includes recruiting, coaching, and developing future successful financial advisors and creating systems to create a more valuable business. As the demographic of both internal teams and the audience of business owners changes our approach towards each area of business must reflect this.


We work with clients to develop their practice for financial advisors and consultants. Our strength-based programs are designed to:


• Increase the advisors’ skills in prospecting and client acquisition

• Develop a unique leadership position in their target markets

• Leverage online media to create ongoing client communication channels

• Coach clients on practice development systems to increase revenue and profits

• Execute acquisition and exit strategies

• Help clients recruit, develop, and retain the next generation of high performance leaders


We develop our clients’ practice leaders into coaching and performance partners who can leverage their time and efforts by engaging and empowering new advisors at critical points in the client development process while providing additional services to your existing and future client base. This allows your newly onboarded advisors to take advantage of the organization’s strengths and capabilities to accelerate their sales results and career success while providing clients with the results that they need to increase your retention.


I am always open to engaging with my connections and would like to offer all connections the opportunity to reach out through LinkedIn, email or contacting me through Twitter. Through utilizing social media and these additional engagement strategies businesses and business leaders are already taking a proactive approach to their development and the disruption that we all face.


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