Why Building Trust is Critical to Global Serving Leaders

Building trust is critical piece to your global partnerships.

Building trust is critical piece to your global partnerships.

Last week we talked about how building trust can help grow your business internationally. I attended The Trust Conference last week from London and promised you a report on what I learned. I thought I’d share several key ideas I learned from the people and presenters at the conference. I think they will help you decide to get more involved with global partners. Currently, there is a high level of fear among serving leaders when considering offering their products and services to new markets around the globe. This conference convinced me that if you’re in the people business, and who isn’t, you might want to consider expanding your reach by moving into global markets. The first keeper on building trust I got from the conference is that people around the globe see trust as a critical element to changing the world. The more I travel and talk with people; I find more similarities than difference between people. If you’re good at building trusting relationships, you will remain good at building valuable connections worldwide. The second keeper on building trust I got was to take time to provide context that matches well to your local audience. The speakers had unique accents, but even more wonderful were the examples they shared that provided insight into how the person saw the world and what they thought was important to you. Strong global communicators are great at providing many different views of similar challenges. They provide you with a frame of the world that corresponds with your gifts, talents, and life experiences. Your skill with the language and concepts must increase if you hope to engage an increasing global audience. The third keeper on building trust is that you must be willing to fail big if you hope to succeed. The different speakers provided wonderful stories to share on their different perspectives on the nature of business. You can find many wonderful examples of people who have succeeded around the world by being willing to expand their view of the world. There is no space in business for people who are unwilling to learn and try new things. The fourth keeper on building trust is to learn to take yourself less seriously. You can have a serious discussion with committed people and you can still connect and engage people through humor, stories, and emotion. If you were standing in front of a worldwide audience, could you give it all you got or would you remain cautious and conservative? All of the presenters shared themselves openly with their audience. If you hope to move people, you must be all in. You could see when they connected on an emotional level and it kept the program upbeat and interesting, you wanted more of the speaker. That’s the sign of an empowering presenter. Finally, this program on building trust was designed to help you get a better understanding of the nature of the global trust movement. This is not an easy task, but the different presenters helped you see the many different aspects and stages of trust. Many of the conferences I attend on a regular basis have presenters who don’t challenge their audience to think differently. This group presented many great ideas and strategies. They then let you put yourself where you needed to be. They challenged you to go and grow with them. Want to know more about building trust and The Trust Conference you can find more information at The Trust Conference. Over the next several months I will be revealing the different speakers’ ideas that they shared and the larger life lessons that they disclosed.

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