How Can Serving Leaders Help Overcome Challenges?

How can leaders find the right pieces to overcome their challenges?

How can leaders find the right pieces to overcome their challenges?

How do you build a better business? How can leaders create an organization that changes the world in uncertain times? As we move into summer I thought it’s a good time to share our vision for helping you become better serving leaders. How can leaders find the right pieces to overcome the challenges they face today?

We have a great lineup of new guest writers scheduled to help you master the many challenges ahead. I’ve been commissioned to take on a new challenge that I hope helps you build stronger teams and develop a better way of doing business moving forward. I think it’s a unique opportunity to make the world a better place today, but also help you build a better world for future generations.

It’s a challenge and it requires my team to stretch and grow. We would never ask you to do anything we wouldn’t be willing to do ourselves.  So, over the next 90 days, we present ideas and strategies that help you become better leaders in your life, but also ask you to get more involved in your communities.

Tricia and I have been on the road for several graduations and weddings.  Since I don’t get out much meeting with people who are not clients, it’s been eye opening. My clients are some of the most successful men and women in their communities. By any standard, they are making a difference in our world through giving and philanthropy, by being great examples of serving leadership, and in their involvement in community building activities.

I was surprised by the attitudes of many of the people I had a chance to talk with at these recent social gatherings. Many were concerned with the bigger issues involving their families and friends. They wondered if their children and grandchildren would have the same opportunities to grow and succeed that they did.

In many cases, they also expressed concerns for our world. It seems like the world has become a much more dangerous place. Many of these man and women are leaders in our communities. They want to be more involved in our world, but their work continues to demand more of their time. For many nearing retirement, they have concerns there isn’t enough money left at the end of the month to do much more than get by. The costs of goods and services have increased significantly, while for many, their pay hasn’t increased while their workload increases. The cost of gas and utilities continues to escalate as uncertainties across the world put our families and economy at risk. For many I talked with, they are just getting back on their feet from extended unemployment. What are they to do? Their fears are all too real to them.

I didn’t want to paint such a dark picture of what’s going on, but we must start from where we are at. If you want to make a lasting change, it can’t be built on false premises and lies. I’m an optimist by nature, but it seems that something needs to happen if we hope to provide ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and communities an opportunity for success and financial freedom in life. As serving leaders, we need to consider how we can help others succeed.  To do this, we may need to upgrade our skills and capabilities to help others and ourselves.

I believe we live in an incredible time of opportunity. For the first time in the history of mankind we can be in charge of our own destiny. The opportunity for leaders to create the world we want for ourselves, families, and communities exists in ways undreamed of as little as five years ago.  Technology has created an incredible opportunity for us to empower and engage others in our dreams. We must develop new skills for a new time in history. We must become masters of change if we hope to create a world where we all have the opportunity to use our strengths, gifts, and life experiences in a way that impacts our communities forever.

Tomorrow, at Market Leadership Journal, I’ll share a growth strategy that will help you as serving leaders leverage multi-generational project teams.  You can use this strategy to begin building the life and organization of your dreams.  Then on Thursday, I take on the question, The Myth of Caring Managers. See you tomorrow.

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