How Great Leaders Inspire Action

I’m working on several new projects to help add video to our Serving Leaders blog. This week, we share Simon Sinek’s TED Talks called “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” There are several critical ideas that Simon shares on today’s blog, all help you inspire action. There is a secret Simon shares that changes the way you see leadership. I believe if we hope to move people to our points of view, we must be willing to inspire others with our shared ideas. It all starts with you.

So what was your biggest takeaway from Simon Sinek’s presentation? How can you use what you learned to inspire action? There is an art to delivering a compelling presentation. Simon Sinek shares why certain leaders impact others and why some people miss the mark.

We will continue to provide unique videos here over the coming months. I haven’t used these technologies much as an entrepreneur, but see them as a tool that can help you stand out from the crowd. One of my mentors shared that they really enjoyed many of the TED Talks and thought that many of our readers would enjoy seeing them here.

If you enjoyed Simon’s presentation, you may want to read his book, Start with Why. You can find more information on implementing your why at . You can also read Simon’s blog at

If you have great presentations you would like to share with our readers, please drop me a note at

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