Are You Using Your Strengths?

I do a lot of work with technology entrepreneurs, coaching them on how to use their strengths more effectively. It always amazes me that such intelligent, goal oriented people such as entrepreneurs still believe that to be a well-rounded person you have to use your weaknesses. I’m here to say that it’s not necessary and it’s a waste of time.

Many of the people I work with aren’t even aware of what they’re strengths really are. Just because the job you’ve been doing requires an attention to detail doesn’t mean that one of your strengths is an attention to detail. It may be what you’re doing, but it’s not playing to your strengths. It’s like using the wrong hand to eat. If you do it long enough, you can learn to get food to your mouth, but you won’t reach the proficiency of using your dominant hand.

When you’re not using your strengths on a regular basis, you can overcompensate when you do use them. My wife is fond of saying a weakness is a strength that’s pushed too far. So determination becomes unyielding stubbornness and order becomes overbearing control.

It’s important to know what your strengths really are, because it allows you to build a team around you that supports what you do extremely well, as well as allowing your team to excel using their strengths. For example, one of my strengths is strategic thinking. My wife, who works for me, is very tactical. We make a very good team.

There are a number of assessments available to determine what your strengths are. Many of my clients have used the Strengths Finder 2.0 book. I strongly urge you to find out what your strengths truly are and watch your business grow as a result.

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Tripp Braden partners with financial and advisory services clients to create an anticipatory strategy and mindset. By leveraging people and technology he breaks down barriers to combine planning and innovation in a way that increases profits and accelerates sales results.
He’s a growth strategist and internationally recognized Sage Global Business Expert and IBM Futurist who turns strategy into implementable business development activities for increasing market share, revenue, and profits. He has proven success seeing the big picture and creating new market opportunities.
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