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I'm committed to helping serving leaders grow.

Tripp Braden started his career selling Kirby Vacuum Systems in the mid-1980s for the world’s largest Kirby distributor. Little did he know that this early door to door selling experience in Northern Ohio would bring him so many incredible clients and partnerships over the next 30 years. It all worked out well for Tripp when Warren Buffett bought Kirby and many new clients over the years. He cleaned up!

In less than fifteen years, Tripp went from selling vacuums door-to-door to being featured in Columbus CEO magazine for his marketing and executive leadership in the Microsoft Windows 2000 product launch.

Over the next decade, his sales and marketing career in information technology continued to accelerate and grow. As a business development executive, he managed and led strategic accounts and channel programs for several midmarket information technology and professional services firms. These programs generated hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue for these high growth organizations.

Many years in business development left an indelible impression on Tripp on how to grow faster, increasingly agile, more profitable, B2B and industrial businesses. Tripp discovered many B2B organizations invest significant money and resources on prospecting and obtaining new clients and customers. As hard as they try developing new business, they seldom get the sales results they expect. Is this your organization?

Many of these industrial and technology organizations leave significant sales and profits on the table with their new clients. Their sales and marketing teams are not trained on nurturing and penetrating accounts or identifying new cross selling opportunities once they are new clients. Many of these early adopter clients leave their suppliers for other organizations after a short time.

Many times, the company hardly broke even on their initial sales. Tripp began preparing his marketing and business development teams to take advantage of this unique opportunity in the market to begin developing stronger relationships with his organizations’ best clients.

He’s worked in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and software markets. It was like receiving a MBA in his clients’ businesses, and he was getting paid for it! He discovered that his clients were all looking for leadership and new ideas from their technology partners on how and where to invest their money in new technology.

He focused on working with his key account managers on developing their business and consulting skills. This allowed his teams to generate millions of dollars in new sales.

In these leadership roles, he further developed a comprehensive understanding of B2B marketing, sales channel and partnership strategies, and executive leadership skills that allowed his midmarket organizations to grow and prosper.

Over the past eight years, Tripp Braden has become a B2B marketing consultant and coach who translates marketing strategy into action and increasing sales revenue. He’s responsible for successfully implementing marketing and business development strategies to help his clients grow faster and more profitably.

Tripp partners with B2B technology and industrial clients, bringing products and services to their Fortune 2000 customers. He works with clients to align and leverage their B2B marketing and sales strategies to increase revenue, profits, and market share.

His marketing and sales strategies increase penetration into his clients’ organizations by introducing advisory councils, creating new channel partnerships, expanding products and services, implementing client retention strategies, and maximizing cross selling opportunities within strategic markets and customers.

Tripp Braden has received numerous marketing and brand awards for his thought leadership in emerging technology markets. These technologies include advanced analytics, smart manufacturing systems and automation, robotics, and the Internet of Things.

Over the past year, Tripp has been awarded the prestigious IBM Analytics Insider and IBM Internet of Things Futurist awards including being featured at The World of Watson and IBM InterConnect Global Technology Conferences.


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