About Tripp Braden

I'm committed to helping serving leaders grow.

Tripp Braden has a proven track record of assessing, recruiting, and hiring successful executive level talent. His leadership and communications skills allow him to successfully interact with a wide range of people, both inside and outside the organization to help find your best team members.

Tripp’s role as a trusted advisor to hiring executives and Human Resources allows him to work with them on recruiting strategy and execution. He partners with stakeholders to create multi-dimensional candidate assessment processes for recruiting and hiring the best candidates.

He uses many different tools to find and attract the best person for your role, whether they’re looking for a new position or not. As a respected thought leader in the fields of cybersecurity, supply chain, and Industry 4.0, he has an extensive network of contacts to help you build your winning team.

Tripp is a frequent speaker at many of the world’s leading technology conferences on future trends in technology and building high performing teams. This allows him to share your story differently than other recruiting professionals.

He partners with hiring managers and HR to make winning strategic hiring decisions that attract and retain the best leadership and technical talent available. His ability to influence others and share an organization’s story provides his clients an edge when trying to attract key individuals in emerging technology markets. This knowledge helps you build and retain a winning team!

Tripp proactively provides innovative ideas and solutions and communicates and shares recruiting best practices. His entrepreneurial background and strong business background give him the ability to cultivate and maintain strong relationships with clients, recruiters, and candidates.

He’s a big picture thinker who is also capable of managing the details. His expertise in multiple sourcing strategies and his market intelligence provide his clients with a competitive advantage throughout the hiring process.

Twenty plus years in working with clients in markets that are fast-paced, complex, and constantly changing have honed Tripp’s leadership, analytical, and critical thinking skills. His ability to consistently find and deliver the best candidates allows you to build a winning team.

He lives with his wife of more than 21 years on Lake Pymatuning, where they raise and care for their three beagles. He is also an avid photographer, with a particular interest in capturing the radiance of wildlife.

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